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What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is a system suitable for nature without harming the ecology in all growing stages. Organic agriculture is harmless and environmentally friendly for plants, animals, people, and organisms in the soil. No synthetic and chemical products that can harm nature or negatively affect our health are used. Organic farming is controlled according to the regulations from production to consumption and is certificated.

The demand for organic agriculture is increasing gradually. As people become more informed about nutrition, they want to consume good foods for themselves. In this way; We get modern, natural, healthy, sustainable, and safe food. People will need more organic farming products due to decreasing and polluting resources in the coming years. Also, technology provides organic practices more effectively in agricultural lands. Our aim as Agro Invest Spain organic farming lands is to create this beneficial system.

The priority of organic agriculture is to produce high quality, environmentally friendly, and clean food.


What are the Features of Organic Agriculture?


  • Farmings use natural ingredients in all stages of the organic system. organic wastes, and green manure are generally preferred in fertilization. Organic fertilizers, organic wastes, and green manure are generally preferred in the fertilization.
  • Natural solutions are also applied in methods of dealing with pests. For example, lady beetles and bees give benefits against insects and insects. The ladybug, which has no harm, feeds on the harmful insects in the plants’ leaves.
  • Weeds on organic farmland are not dissolved by chemicals but by physical weeding or grazing animals. Besides, farmland with animals becomes more productive. Animals contribute to natural fertilization and breeding.
  • Hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs are not allowed at organic farmlands; every stage following ecological balance and transformations is carried out.
  • Organic farming provides biodiversity in the farmland. So, it increases productivity, multiple crops, and stamina.

Benefits of Organic Agriculture


  • Organic agricultural products do not have harmful effects on human health as they do not contain chemical pesticides.
  • Resources, groundwater, soil, air remain clean and not damaged. However, chemicals used in standard farm systems can easily fuse with water. Some are mixed into the plant, some mix with streams, lakes, and even seas from underground waters! Since organic farming is not such a chemical; It enables us to leave a clean world for the future.
  • Organic farming helps us protect the soil. The soil without chemicals would be more fertile. Since pesticides are not used, living things in the ground and ecosystem are saved. Organic farming also prevents erosion.
  • Organic lands provide more efficient use of the labor force in agriculture because it employs more workers.
  • Since GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are not allowed in organic agriculture, we consume safe and healthy foods.

Agro Invest Spain, We Produce the Natural in the Closest Way with Nature in Organic Farming


Agro Invest Spain is located in the Extremadura region, the most fertile soil of Spain. Our organic almond production studies have started in this region. Agro ınvest Spain produces environmentally friendly products, contributes to the ecosystem, and cares about human health. Would you like to invest in living, safe, and sustainable organic agricultural products? As the demand for organic farmland increases, the value of our fertile lands will increase.

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