• 100% Freehold , Managed Farmlands
  • 30 Years Of Experience


Agricultural Capital of Europe

Fully managed almond farmland projects in Spain.

We offer our standard size almond farmlands from 10.75 Euro/sqm with 30% down payment and 24 Months Instalments.

  • 15.5% average for the 1st 10 years

  • 28.6% annual income after the year 10th

  • 45 Years Management Guarantee

Why Choose Us?

All Our Farmlands are Fully Freehold & Inheritable

We love Spain for many reasons. Spain has an amazing nature, history, and lovely people. Spain is one of the most important economies in Europe with many diversified industries. Agriculture is one of the major industries in Spain, and agricultural real estate has so much to offer to our investors in Spain.

After many years of experience and research in the Spanish agricultural market, we have teamed up with the top engineers and experts in Europe, and we became one of the most successful agricultural real estate asset-holding and management companies in the country.