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Investment Definition

On this specific property, Management Company will run a almond farmland business on behalf of the land owner. Within feasibility lines,  our sale price includes

  • Laboratory tests for water and soil
  • Cleaning of the land from wild trees grasses and rocks
  • Land plowing, water irrigation system
  • Water storage, fertilizer system
  • Water drilling
  • Electricity grid connection
  • Fences surrounding the project
  • Plantation of two years old golden chandler trees
  • Upgrade of title deed, and all operation costs till the first harvest.

We have a very professional and dedicated team of engineers, consultants and general labour power working for Agro Invest. We don’t charge any management fees till the 1st harvest period and after all costs will be covered from the income, so our investors never have to deal with management and operational costs from their pockets.

Constant Data

 Land Size
7500 sqm
 Planted Trees
 Almond Sale Price
 € 5.50 per / kg
 Management Rate
 Land Owner
 Annual Costs For 7,500 sqm
 Annual Operation Cost(*)
 € 1.875
Annual increase(**) 2,0%
 Harvest Cost
 € 0,20 per Kg

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