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We have been in the agriculture
industry for over 30 years

One of the largest agricultural management companies in Europe.
Agriculture is a unique business that requires a certain amount of know-how, technology, and experience to make a huge difference for the best results. Operating in different countries allows us to constantly improve our know-how and technology.

We establish innovative approaches to modern agriculture and always put environmental and social factors at the heart of our business and operations. With decades of agricultural investment, our talented team, development, and operational experience worldwide make all stages of hassle-free and easy investment. All you have to do is to enjoy your profitable investment. The first thing you are looking for in the company where you are planning to invest in professional staff is to have a well-managed agricultural system. We assure you that.

Live this experience: Our Fertile Farmlands in Spain!

API GROUP AGRO INVERSIONES is a successful group company with successful brands in agriculture, real estate development, management, renewable energy, food processing, and hospitality.

Our company is located in the Extremadura region in Spain, in Spain’s most fertile agricultural lands. With your investments in our agricultural land in Spain, it provides a return in Europe. Our almond processing facility in Spain is working now. At the same time, Turkey and Bosnia process walnuts and almonds, olives, and olive oil have factory processing and frozen potatoes. Agro Concept is one of Europe’s largest agricultural land management companies specializing in walnut, olive, and almond fields.

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All Our Farmlands Are Unlimited Time Ownership

We offer our standard-size almond farmlands starting from 12 Euro/sqm with a 30% down payment and 24 Months Installments.

Agricultural Experience 95%
Processing Knowledge 90%
Product Quality 90%

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