• No Time Limited ownership , Managed Farmlands
  • 30 Years Of Experience

How it Works


How it Works?

Analysis & Presentation

Talking to one of our investment advisors, where you discuss your investment ideas as an investor, and the advisor assesses whether an investment with Agro Invest is suitable for you.

Reservations & Bookings

Clients can have the project and land of their interest reserved or booked for a 10% fee. In the meantime, they examine the contracts and agree on a payment plan.

Sales & Management Contracts

We are signing two agreements with the investors; The first is for land purchase, and the second is the land management contract.

Payment & Fees

Once the contracts are in place, the payment for the investment is due. It’s included and detailed for investors who require a payment plan

in the contracts. If payment is upfront, we immediately sign the contracts in front of the notary and register the land under their names, and investors can do it remotely for all our international investors.

Land Preparations

After purchasing your land, you do not need to think about its management. Our professional agricultural management brands take care of your farmland A to Z.

Harvest & Sales

We harvest your crops, process them in our factories, sell them, and present them to the consumer with our own brands.

Revolutionary Farmland Investment Model

Invest in Spanish Almond Farmlands and Earn over 10% ROI

Get Professional & Affordable
Agriculture Service

  • A Professional Team
  • 30% Down Payments
  • Unlimited Time Ownership
  • Secure Investment
  • 24 Months Instalments.
  • Attention 24/7

Management Security

We manage your almond farmlands with care and passion in Spain, so you never have to worry about your farm. We provide 10 years management guarantee to our investors, which can be automatically extended to another 10 years.