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Growing Demand for Investing in Almond Farms

Today, worldwide interest in investing in almond farms is increasing. Investing in managed almond lands has become a potentially profitable move. There are many excellent and advantageous reasons for this. Almond is valuable dried fruit whose consumption is continuously increasing. Also, alternative milk preferences by people with lactose allergies to cow’s milk have become important. One of them is almond milk.  

Changing habits and a healthy lifestyle lead us to consume superfoods such as almonds. Our need for high nutritional dried fruits and snacks such as almonds is gradually increasing. After the Covid-19 period, we will need more healthy foods in the upcoming times. So, it increases the importance of fertile food lands.

According to experts, the almond market is expected to reach $ 8.20 billion globally in 2024. At the same time, the almond industry is expected to achieve an annual growth rate of 7% by 2028. Investing in almond land is a very profitable and stable investment in all aspects.

Why Should You Consider Almond Investment in Spain?

As Agroinvest Spain, our almond trees grow in the Extremadura region of Spain. This region has been carefully selected and provides us with the most efficient almonds. Investing in fertile agricultural land in Europe means an investment of increasing value every year. Also, Spain is Europe’s largest producer of almonds.

Our almond farming investments managed in Spain give you a high income with your ownership of the agricultural land with over 15% return on investment. All you have to do is enjoy your smart passive income.

The Right Choice for Investing in Almond Farms: Agroinvest Spain

Agro Invest Spain is the marketing brand of Agricultural Real Estate Development Company Api Group Ltd and Management Company of Agro Concept Ltd. It is one of Europe’s largest farmland management companies. Investing in farmland in Spain means you have many advantages.

The proper soil type, suitable climate for almonds, technical infrastructure, and expert team are combined for the perfect almond in Agroinvest Spain. We all know that managing farmland needs expertise. 

Agro Invest Spain ensures you make the best investment regarding our 30 years of experience. You will discover this expertise in Agroinvest Spain, both in investment and management of agricultural land. We aim to become a world-renowned almond investment center for the almonds we grow using the world’s latest agricultural technologies.

Invest now in almond farmland in Spain in the most valuable region of Europe and achieve a stable return on investment of over 15%.Contact us directly to discuss with our investment experts! You can also find our almond farmland investment guide here.

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