• No Time Limited ownership , Managed Farmlands
  • 30 Years Of Experience

Your Farmland is Your Income Generator!

Now, you can get income from farmlands without touching them. Unlimited time ownership
and all our farmlands are managed by professionals!

The trust in soil is back and stronger than ever before. This is the most reliable way to invest your money in, and people from all around the world are ready to take advantage with Agro Invest Spain’s unique Almond Farmland Investments.

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    Our almond farmlands are located in Spain’s most fertile lands, Extremadura region. Our network is global with 30 years of experience  and we share the wisdom for satisfying results anywhere and are ready to let you in the agricultural real estate sector.
    We make the investment pretty easy for you and the %100 freehold is offered. The management is 45 years guaranteed. The secured food supply is always wide open to fullfill. And the contribution is possible with this revolutionary investment model.