• No Time Limited ownership , Managed Farmlands
  • 30 Years Of Experience
The Best Way to Invest in Spain

Why should you invest in Real Estate Agriculture in Spain?

If you are planning to make an investment with low volatility that is not affected by any economic circumstances, with a long-term steady, reliable, and consistent annual income, then you should consider investing in almond farmlands in Spain as a safe way to keep your capital.

Almond is a high-value crop, so it will always be a productive investment with high ROI that won’t lose its value over time and will only keep rising, so every year, you will earn more than the previous year.

The best part of this investment is that you don’t need to know anything about raising almond crops. We take the hassle out of your hands and work hard to take care of your land with the best agricultural specialists in the country.

Now you are probably wondering how this ultimate agricultural real estate investment works.

Our lands are located in the region of Extremadura, with units currently on sale starting from 7534 sqm, the minimum size of the parcel for sale, according to the law of Spain.

You will have full ownership of the land and everything on it, as they are always freehold and never leasehold. You can even own the land without even seeing it in person.

AGRO INVEST SPAIN has 15 years of management experience with harvest security and product quality guaranteed. Even the almond trees we plant are insured against climate disasters, plagues and diseases, so you will always get an annual income. 

The best part of this investment is that trees bring benefits to agriculture, the environment, and the community, so preserving the land as a farm will leave a profitable heritage for your future generation.

We offer a secure and proper financed purchase with a payment plan of 24 installments with no interest. Moreover, there’s an easy exit strategy, and you can sell your land at any time.

Can you think of a better way of diversifying your portfolio other than becoming full owner of your land in Europe while taking care of the planet and getting a high income for it?

The security of your future and peace of mind is guaranteed with AGRO INVEST SPAIN, as we handle the operation of your land from the development, administration, harvest, processing, and selling of the almonds.

Contact us today, and our representatives will inform you of the steps for purchasing your land.

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