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What is the Golden Visa? What are the details about the Golden Visa? This article will be a real guide for you. Many people query about this because some countries give foreigners privileges such as work, residence, and citizenship in their country. One of these advantages is to have a Golden Visa in Spain!

What is the Golden Visa?

Golden Visa is an immigration program that provides advantages to citizens of non-EU countries in citizenship, residence, business establishment and working in Spain. It also gives education, travel, and health opportunities in European Union countries. People who have a Golden Visa will thus obtain a second citizenship.

How to Get a Golden Visa?

To have a Golden Visa and its advantages in Spain, you need to invest at least 500,000 Euros in Spain’s real estate. With this smart investment, you have the right to a residence permit, work in Spain, and travel freely in the Schengen countries. Besides, if you provide the necessary conditions with your investment from Spain, you can get citizenship after 10 years. Due to the rising prices over the years after citizenship, your investment value will have increased significantly! Thus, your investment will be profitable.

Also, your money should be available for sending abroad to get a Spanish Golden Visa by investment. The applicant must be able to prove their document about the source of funds and income. 

In the coming years, when smart farming techniques will increase, it won’t be easy to find fertile agricultural lands. Productive and well-managed farmland is invaluable. Our Agro Invest Spain brand manages our lands on Spain’s fertile lands with API GROUP assurance. Would you like to invest in our well-managed and productive lands? If you want to invest more than 15% annually, you can contact us now.

If you meet all the conditions:

You can Get a Residence Permit and Following Citizenship in Spain by Investing in Spain Today!

Spanish Citizenship is Possible with Golden Visa

After completing 10 years after obtaining the Golden Visa, you will be entitled to Spanish citizenship when you meet the necessary conditions. You can become a Spanish citizen with the Golden Visa when you stay in Spain for at least 183 days every year.

What are the Advantages of Spain Golden Visa?

  • You can live in Spain, do business there, benefit from healthcare, and send your children to public schools.
  • Thanks to the Golden Visa, you have the right to travel freely in Schengen countries without a visa.
  • You get a permanent residence permit in Spain.
  • Those who trade with Golden Visa are exempt from double taxation.
  • With your investment, your family can also benefit from this advantage.

Get the Golden Visa by Investing in Spain

Agro Invest Spain provides you a Golden Visa opportunity with the investment in agricultural lands you make with API GROUP INVESTMENT assurance. Suppose you want to get many advantages in the European Union. In that case, Spain is ideal for this because it is a country of opportunity with favorable weather conditions, fertile lands, quality of life, education, and health opportunities.

Investing in Spain’s most fertile agricultural lands, which has a growing agricultural economy every year, is a smart way to make use of your money and opens the door of Golden Visa to you.

Invest in well-managed fertile farmland in Spain and take advantage of all our investors’ opportunities today.

Would you like to get detailed information about the Golden Visa and your investments from our project experts?

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