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Spain Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa

A Brief Information and The Procedure

Spain Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is an authorization to live and work in Spain, granted to investors in Real Estate assets in Spain for an amount of 500.000 € or more, free of charges (over that amount the property can be mortgaged).

The investment can be done in one or more properties, and any kind of Real Estate asset can qualify (garages, business premises, residential homes,farmlands…) – art. 63.1 Law 14/2013.

The investment can be done either as a natural person or a company, or both.

The Golden Visa is granted to the investor and the family members: spouse or couple, children under 18 (or over 18 if they depend on the investor), and in some special cases, to the parents.

Some Advantages of Golden Visa

  • It automatically includes an authorization to work in Spain.
  • It allows to travel freely in the Schengen area, 90 days out of 180 days.
  • It is not necessary to come or live here, and therefore the tax residency is not applied. (provided that the investor does not stay here more than 183 days per year.)


With regards to the Tax Residency, please note that if you stay more than 183 days per calendar year in our country, or if you have the centre of your main vital interests here, you will be considered as a Tax Resident in Spain, and subject to Spanish tax on your worldwide income and assets. In this line, and although the Golden Visa is an authorization to live in Spain, it does not oblige the investor to come here or to stay here for a certain period, and therefore if you do not stay here more than those days, you will not be taxed here (but if you stay here more than those day, you will be a Tax Resident in Spain).

You can apply for the Golden Visa either from your origin country, in which case the visa will have a one-year validity, or you can apply for the Golden Visa whilst you are in Spain, in which case the authorization to live will have a two-year validity. When the Golden Visa is applied for in Spain, the investor should be staying legally here and the Administration has a 20-day period to answer, and if not answered the Golden Visa will be considered as approved by “positive silence”.

The Golden Visa can be renewed for five-year periods provided that the investment is held (you can renew it as many times as you want).

Once the authorization to live and work in Spain is approved, the investor should personally apply for the residency card in Spain, and attend two times to the Police Office: the first one to apply for the residency card and the finger-print and the second time to collect the card, and the service I provide includes also this final application form.

Although the procedure is simple and fast if the investor has acquired Real Estate assets for the amount of 500k or more, there are other requirements that should be fulfilled in order to make sure the application succeeds, and it is more than important to engage an expert in order to supervise it and verify that the mandatory documentation is in place and properly attached to the application

Some of these requirements are:

  • Criminal Record Report, from the country or countries where the investor has lived the last five years.
  • Proof of enough economic means to maintain himself and/or the family members for the period the Golden Visa is granted.
  • Health insurance policy covering the same contingencies as the National Health System.
  • Proof of marriage, partnership, family book…
  • Special Land Registry Certificate including the amount paid for the properties, the charges, if the case, and the ownership.
  • Administrative taxes and application form.

All these requirements have their own specialities (sworn translations, legalizations, timings,…) and should be reviewed before submitting the Golden Visa application form.

The fees for this service ascend to 4.500€ + VAT for the investor, and in case of family members: 2.500 € + VAT for the spouse or couple, and 2.000 € + VAT for the children (up to 2 children, for the 3 and following it will be 1.500 € + VAT).

The fees are payable 50% at the signature of the engagement letter, and 50% when the Golden Visa is obtained, and it also includes the Residency Card application and the assistance at the Police Office until it is issued. The fees do not include the administrative taxes and other expenses that might arise, such as the application form, translations, legalizations,…