Surveys have proven that %87 of the international investors are checking alternative investments. At that point, agricultural real estate becomes a shining opportunity for the purpose of diversified portfolios.

Today, investing in the soil is the most trustable alternative investment option. If you aim for a comfortable, risk-free, long-term benefit, farmland real estate has to be your option. The vitality of the soil is your guaranteed proof of farmland real estate to be your least stressful alternative.

Also, alternative investments have proven to act as a better store of value for inflation. Farmlands play such a crucial role in the economy that crop payments are inflation-linked, and this rate supports the value of the lands. It has to be sustained, has to be sure to be developed for the healthcare of humankind. This relation comes from sustainability needs, which also makes highly-numbered investors interested in sustainable investment projects because it makes the investment more profitable.

The marketing of the product has its parameters for the matter. As Agro Invest Spain, we are innovative in our farm management and aware of the relevance of the 21 st century people. The demand for almonds has increased in recent years and continues to do so. There is a popularized change in the diet that relies on plan-based ones. Which is one of the main encouraging reasons for our sector to grow, it has to supply for the demand. Another cause for the almond’s high demand is that the cosmetic brands have their eyes on it. The consumption of chemicalized products has become a problematic issue, and almond oil has become the most preferred option for moisturizers, foundations, and hair care products.

Our farmlands in Spain are in the Extremadura region, and the soil is highly fertile, which is proven with our harvests. For over 30 years, we have proved our maintenance on the matter, so there is no need to worry about our management team and experience.

And we are excited to meet new names and work harder for this huge demand.

You can get information from our experts right now for your stable investment of over 15% with an annual return!

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