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Our Factories

bosnıa factory

Dedicated Walnut and Almond Factories For Our Investors

Our Factories – Frozen Food & Process Factory in Bosnia – Walnut and Almond Process Factory in Turkey

We are investing millions of USD for our factories, and our walnut and almond process factories are dedicated to our investors exclusively.

All the harvest will be collected from the farmlands and transferred to our factories. We will process your dry fruits, and we will sell them to the domestic and international markets.

We are proud to present our modern Almond and Walnut Process Facility in Turkey to all our friends and investors. Our factory is one of the largest in Turkey and the region.

Product Security

Almonds and walnuts are valuable dry fruit commodities with a specific value in the amazingly rising consumption markets.

Asset Security

We sell managed farmlands to our investors, which only belong to our asset holding in Spain.

Management Security

We provide 15 years management guarantee to our investors, which can automatically be extended to another 15 years.

Dedicated Factories

We are investing millions of USD for our factories dedicated to our investors exclusively.

Our Processing Factory