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Managed Farmlands: A New Asset Class for Investors

Recently, farmlands, especially managed farmlands became popular as a passive income and people started looking for investment ideas not only for the monetary returns but also for the aspirational values. In the last few years, a new asset class of managed farmlands has emerged and has quickly gained popularity.

Due to the lockdown because of the Coronavirus, people started working from their homes. The place once people have been using only to sleep has now become their whole habitat and this led people to hear their inner voices and discover new things that may satisfy them.

What are Managed Farmlands?

Managed farmlands are the farmlands owned by individuals or institutions but managed by a professional firm. They can be highly productive and you may have the highest return on your investment on managed farmland depending on the profession of the agency on management, plantation, and resource efficiency.

The Benefits of Owning a Managed Farmland

Based on the principles of agroforestry, there are several benefits of owning a managed farmland. The first one is planting trees in the area increases carbon storage through carbon sequestration and this process is incredibly essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change. So, you won’t only invest, you also will be having a role in saving our planet. Agroforestry landscape also provides for wildlife about foraging and breeding, which is vital for animals to adapt and survive. Besides, as the demand for food and timber around the world continues to grow, farmland investments become more attractive and beneficial. One of the appreciating values of lands is the cyclical crop or timber harvest, which creates another passive income possibility for the new-age investors. It also means a substantial contribution to the environment by having a self-renewable cover.

Other than the environmental benefits, managed farmlands also create new job opportunities for local people. So, you’ll also be helping local people on finding a job.  For urban farming enthusiasts, managed farmlands are a good way of acquiring a passive income. When you decide to invest in managed farmlands, your land will be surveyed, fenced, and managed by a professional farm management firm and will have a good legal title.

Who is Agro Invest Spain?

Agro Invest Spain is the marketing brand of Agricultural Real Estate Development Company Api Group Ltd. And Management Company of Agro Concept Ltd. We’re in agriculture for over 30 years and have planted over 12 million sm2 areas of Almond and Walnut farms with our professional team. We’re always looking for ways that will bring you the highest returns with our sustainable managed farmlands. We established unique investment methods and innovative approaches to modern agriculture and put environmental and social factors at the heart of our business operations. We care for the green with our talented team, development, and operational experience. We provide you with an easy, hassle-free investment method. Our company is located in the Extremadura region where Spain’s most fertile agricultural lands are located.

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