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Impact Investing with Agro Invest Spain

After a decade since the investment strategy of impact investing was introduced, more investors than ever are realigning portfolios to produce favorable social and environmental impacts while aiming for solid profits. Making a positive impact can extend to your investments in addition to cash donations. Impact investing is a way to put your money to work while building your portfolio and doing good in the world.

What is Impact Investing? 

Don’t be mistaken; impact investors are geared towards earning a profit. However, they have different goals that consider social and environmental effects. The strategies used in development investing combine the pursuit of solid returns while simultaneously striving for positive change through purposeful investments.

Benefits of Impact Investing

The benefits that impact investing can offer seasoned investors and their portfolios cannot be understated. Investing in social impact enterprises helps investors support organizations that fight for social problems such as healthcare, sustainable energy, clean food sources, poverty reduction, and climate change. Investors can contribute significantly to reforms in this way.

Firstly, social impact investing may be less volatile compared to other investments. This is because impact investment assets respond to market changes less quickly than other assets. As a result, investors can build a diverse portfolio that lowers risk and helps sustainable firms by investing in social impact solutions. Furthermore, impact investing feels good. It allows investors to increase their investment satisfaction by contributing to positive change. Finally, the growing demand for sustainable products, organic goods, and clean energy means capital growth from impact investing is expected to increase, which means positive returns for investors.

Farmland and Impact Investing

Impact investors traded off their environmental and social objectives for many years in favor of profitability. Thankfully, this is no longer the case with the emergence of technology-driven agricultural investment companies. As a result, investors with access to agriculture investing are directing the money required to conserve land and support future communities while also benefiting from cash income, capital growth, and a well-diversified portfolio.

Investing in farmland offers an increasing number of sustainable alternatives. The application of sustainable practices leads agricultural investing into the category of impact investing as it has a positive effect on the environment. Many farms are embracing the shift to sustainable agriculture management to traverse environmental changes and satisfy the rising consumer need for food. Sustainable agriculture can increase an investment’s longevity compared to other farming practices. After all, sustainable agriculture encourages effective operations through the expansion of biodiversity, disease mitigation, and natural soil nutrient replenishment. Furthermore, the profitability of regenerative farming systems is shown to be 78% higher than those of conventional production methods. This is due to the low input costs of not needing to use seeds and artificial fertilizers.

Support for sustainable agriculture and natural products is evident within the market. Leading food merchants and producers have committed to purchasing their goods from regenerative agriculture farms, which can absorb up to 30% of the world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions under ideal circumstances. According to one research report, organic agriculture has a market profit margin of between 22% and 35% higher than traditional agriculture.

Agro Invest Spain’s Commitment

At Agro Invest Spain, we are passionate about creating a positive and lasting impact for future generations. We provide high-quality agricultural land for sale in Spain and support our investors with a managed farmland model. Our current agro-investment type focuses on growing almonds, a healthy superfood that is high in demand and good for consumers. Furthermore, we don’t use artificial fertilizers, antibiotics, or pesticides when cultivating almonds. Instead, we focus on using natural resources and practicing sustainable farming methods. From the water we use to grow almonds to storage management, sustainable and natural standards govern every phase of our processes. 

Based on our 15 years of experience in the agricultural industry and our widespread global operations, we know that farms may increase and maintain their yields by employing high-tech methods and sustainable practices and managing their operations properly. Moreover, future farms must provide for an expanding population while coping with a changing climate and dwindling natural resources. Therefore, investing in sustainable agriculture through our platform can contribute to a healthy environment and the food security of coming generations. So you can benefit from an agricultural investment in Spain that will give you peace of mind as an impact investor.

Help us Create a Brighter Future as an Impact Investor.

To increase the security of the world’s food supply, impact investing in agriculture is a critical opportunity. Farmland investment may be the asset class to help you make an impact if you’re seeking environmentally responsible investment alternatives to support without sacrificing financial results. Would you consider an impact investment with our excellent almond investment plantations? For your worthwhile investment with an annual return on investment of 15%, contact us to get information from our investment experts immediately!

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