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Huge Demand of Almond

The demand for agricultural investment and demand of almond increases every second. This way of investment has proved itself to be the best, but other parameters may also raise your chance.

The region, the team you work with, the product.

All three are answered with clear answers for you in Agro Invest Spain

Let’s start with the product, with the latest step. Almond has had massive popularity for the last ten years and continues to gain more. All sectors are trying to give out the most natural outcome. The cosmetic industry tries to take advantage of almonds, going back to basics for beautiful skins. Like our old people say today, use the cream, most vegetables, aloe vera, and fruits—both dry and fresh. Therefore, the aim for the brands is to lessen the chemicals these days or have their profile.

The need to have plant-based protein is another popularity of today’s world. People have started to realize the risks of consuming red meat very often in their diets. Cholesterol, heart diseases, and muscle gain are much healthier with plant-based diets. This awareness spread throughout the world, and there happened to be a change in the demand. So, almond has an essential place on the shopping list now. People started to make their yogurts and milk from almond or prefer it on the shelf rather than the dairies.

Agro Invest Spain is located in the Extremadura region and works with soil with excellent fertility. Our techniques on our projects are modernist, and we make our farmers happy with our professional planning. Your collaboration with us does not require any action for you to take. With our fully managed farmlands, we maintain our experience in the field. We are ready to supply the upcoming demand for the following years—we startup with the seeds and prepare our product on the shelves under our name. Our brand Konsept Tarım is one of the largest agricultural land management companies specialized in almond and walnut.

From the beginning till the end your route is ready with us.

Investment in the land is the new route the investment world has taken. The data on agricultural studies and marketing researches support the idea for upcoming years. It is a support to other branches and risk-free as there is no chance the soil will let you down.

Your background in agriculture is regardless; you can either enrich that area of yours or diversify your portfolio with us.

Meet our passionate and professional management team in no time!

You can get information from our experts right now for your stable investment of over 15% with an annual return!

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