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It’s a given that all investors want to make a lot of money; however, is it the best pursuit merely returns, or should you take a different approach and place more emphasis on building a balanced portfolio?  In order to choose between risk and reward, investors must balance their portfolios. The secret to creating and safeguarding capital is effectively creating a balanced portfolio. Agro Invest Spain has experience managing volatility in investing as consultants on agricultural investments. This post looks at three of the most important ways an agribusiness investment, such as our farm land for sale in Spain, can help you build a balanced portfolio to aid your investment strategy.


Diversification is the central tenet of successful investing and achieving portfolio balance, and in simple terms, it lowers portfolio volatility. A diversified portfolio will always trail behind the industry, type, or index performing best, but it will offer the best framework for avoiding disastrous downturns. It’s critical to realize that downside protection can affect actual portfolio value just as much as upside capture. Keep in mind that a 100% return is needed to make up a 50% loss during a downturn. 

So, minimizing any loss during a downturn will increase your investments’ overall value and total return and make the future upturn much more meaningful. By utilizing diversity, you can avoid the hazards of pursuing the day’s hottest stock or index, which frequently gets overpriced and paves the way for a realized loss the next day.

Investing in farmland increases your portfolio’s reward-to-risk ratio and is an excellent risk diversifier- two vital qualities for achieving a balanced portfolio. The minimal correlation between the two asset classes has also led many investors to discover that purchasing farms is substantially less volatile than buying equities, where the stock market risk is frequently vulnerable to large, unforeseen swings in value. The land parcel is a real asset that holds its value in your investment portfolio. Its low-risk profile can help you maintain more diverse investments and act as a buffer to some of your more volatile stock market bets. Furthermore, farmland can also be used to transfer wealth to your heirs.


Finding an asset class with high returns and minimal volatility is uncommon. But farming is unrivaled in terms of stability and can be the solution if you want to add a reliable asset class to help portfolio balance. People will always need food; even a single acre of farmland can provide it. This is true regardless of circumstances like inflation, exchange rates, financial reports, and global events. 

Farmland often experiences steady price growth rather than erratic price changes. Unfortunately, the housing market bubble and stock market meltdown have occurred more than once in our nation’s history. Your portfolio can experience stable growth by including farmland property in your investment mix, shielding it from market turbulence.

The value of all agriculture is $9 trillion globally and $2.5 trillion in the United States. The need for agricultural land is anticipated to increase over the coming years, spurred by an expected population increase from 7.8 billion in 2021 to 9.8 billion in 2050. The world’s food demand is expected to soar by 50% over the next 30 years to meet this enormous population growth, which should boost farmland prices. According to basic economics, the value of arable farmland per acre and overall agricultural returns increase when the need for food production increases and the availability of farmland diminishes. In contrast, individual investors and the best financial minds find it significantly more challenging to anticipate the future of financial markets.

Farmland will only increase in value over the future years as a growing population drives up demand for food while the supply is inexorably diminishing. In addition, only certain regions of the world are arable, which means concerns over food security will drive farmland values even higher. Finally, new market variables like climate change will make this rare real estate asset even more scarce.


Investing in farmland is another approach to ensure portfolio balance by protecting against loss during market downturns. Since the stock market is subject to natural cycles, downturns are unavoidable. Gold, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, and real estate are the only investments frequently keeping pace with inflation. The returns of farms have little to no association with the rest of the market, according to research. In other words, it’s feasible that your farm investments will continue to yield returns even when the stock market is down.

A balanced portfolio can be built around farmland. Food prices and other farm-related commodities trend upwards in unison with inflation. Agriculture investing offers protection against inflation because of this significant link when opposed to investments with high volatility. In addition, the value of the land itself tends to rise along with crop prices, creating an even stronger defense against market conditions. When you invest in farmland, you acquire a natural hedge against inflation that will assist in securing portfolio balance and maintaining the value of your agriculture investment in the long run.

Achieve a Balanced Portfolio with Agro Invest Spain

If you’re considering a different approach to investing in farmland that might provide stability, diversification, and regular returns, consider the agricultural investment opportunities provided by Agro Invest Spain. With the help of farmland investment experts like Agro Invest Spain, you no longer have to worry about finding out how much an acre of land costs or managing row crops or permanent crops on the agricultural property to generate passive income. And our unlimited time ownership offer means that the farmland is your property, different from publicly held farmland REITs on the stock market where you have no direct ownership.

Gain access to this resilient asset class through our ground-breaking agricultural investment strategy, one of the highest-yielding investment opportunities regarding risk-return. Are you interested in learning more? Contact our team today to invest in Spain.

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