• 100% Freehold , Managed Farmlands
  • 30 Years Of Experience

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Freehold Ownership from 1500 m²

We divide one freehold almond farmland to 5 shares, and the smallest freehold land is 1500 m². Fractional freehold ownership projects are fully independent freehold lands, and investors own the freehold title deed ownership of the property and all the standard belongings of the land, including trees, water irrigation systems, electricity grid connections, fences, and fertilization systems.

The investor can own a minimum of 1500 m² land, and his ownership is registered to the land registry department. Owners can sell their units at any time without asking the other shareowners. All our fractional ownership projects have management zones, and projects are managed in the management areas with the storage and labor houses

Asset Security

We sell managed farmlands to our investors which only belongs to our asset holding in Spain

Product Security

Almonds and walnuts are valuable dry fruit commodities with a certain value in the amazingly rising consumption markets.

Management Security

We provide 15 years management guarantee to our investors which can be extended another 15 years automatically.

Dedicated Factories

We are investing millions of USD for our factories which are dedicated to our investors exclusively.

Productivity of Almond Tree by Year

  • Almond trees start generating income 2 years after plantation.
  • The trees reach the maximum growth 5 years after the income generation starts.
  • After that, trees stay at the same productivity all lifetime (45+ years).

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